The Plight of Agunot
Modern life has brought age-old issues to the forefront of discussion in today's Jewish community. With the help of modern technology and thought to solve those questions that have puzzled rabbinic authorities for centuries. When working within the framework of a modern, global community, many effective answers arise within the bounds of halakhic law that did not seem practical to previous generations.

One important issue that requires attention is the plight of the agunot, or women who are prohibited from remarrying under Jewish law because their previous partners refuse to grant them halakhically valid divorces. These women suffer unnecessary hardship, and it is the responsibility of all other Jews to prevent such unfortunate occurrences and support those who are already suffering. By using the global communication systems of modern society, it is possible to unite communities around the world in an effort to end this tragedy. Leaders of the modern Orthodox world can vocalize the importance of using prenuptial agreements to prevent further occurrences of agunot and exert their influence to rally around those women who find themselves in this tragic situation.
Civil Enforceability of Religious Prenuptial Agreements
Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin
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