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Rabbi Marc D. Angel New York, New York
Rabbi, Congregation Shearith Israel - The Spanish Portuguese Synagogue of New York City

Rabbi Marc D. Angel is the Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel, the historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in New York City. He is founder and Honorary President of Sephardic House and past president of the Rabbinical Council of America. A prolific author, he has written and edited eighteen books, as well as numerous articles for both learned publications and the popular press, and has lectured in the United States, Canada and Israel. He is a member of Edah’s Board of Directors.
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  • Orthodoxy Confronts Modernity
  • Orthodoxy and the Non-Orthodox Community
  • Halachah and the Challenge of Modernity
  • A Sephardic Approach to Halachah
  • Toward a Grand Religious Worldview
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