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Dr. Steven Bayme New York, New York
National Director, Jewish Communal Affairs for the American Jewish Committee; Visiting Professor of Social Sciences, Yeshiva University

Dr. Steven Bayme, Director of the Jewish Communal Affairs Department and Institute on American-Jewish Relations of the American Jewish Committee, holds an undergraduate degree from Yeshiva University and an MA and PhD in Jewish History from Columbia University. He is a Visiting Professor of Social Science at Yeshiva University and serves on the faculty of the Wexner Heritage Foundation. Dr. Bayme has published articles on various topics of concern to the Jewish community and is the author of an adult education volume, Understanding Jewish History: Texts and Commentary. He lectures widely in the Jewish community. He is a member of Edah’s Advisory Council.
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  • Orthodoxy and Ultra-Orthodoxy: Do We Understand Each Other?
  • Religious Pluralism and Religious Polarization: How Do We Heal the Rift?
  • American Jewry Since World War II: Where Is It Going?
  • Jewish Continuity Debate: What Can the Community Do? What Should It Do?
  • Israel-Diaspora Relations
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