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Rabbi Martin I. Lockshin Toronto, Canada
Associate Director, Centre for Jewish Studies, York University, Toronto

Rabbi Martin Lockshin is Associate Director of the Centre for Jewish Studies and Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada, where he has had a leading role in the creation of York’s Jewish Teacher Education Program, one of the largest programs of day school teacher in the world. His most recent book, Rashbam’s Commentary on Exodus: An Annotated Translation, won the 1998 Canadian Jewish Congress Award for the best book in Rabbinics and Bible. He has been active with the Israeli organizations Gesher, Meimad, and Rabbis for Human Rights. Rabbi Lockshin is on Sabbatical in Israel for the 1999-2000 academic year.
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  • Jewish Diversity: A Historical Perspective
  • Women and Halachah: The Accomplishments and the Challenges
  • Halachah and Freedom of Inquiry
  • Peshat and Derash
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