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Dr. Alvin I. Schiff Oceanside, New York
Irving I. Stone Distinguished Professor of Education, Azrieli Graduate School, Yeshiva University

Dr. Alvin I. Schiff is an educator, academician, and communal leader who has been involved in the establishment of many national and international programs, including the post high school year of study in Israel, the annual Salute to Israel Parade in New York, The March of the Living, USA, The Educators’ Council of America, and the Association of Directors of Central Agencies for Jewish Education. He has been a teacher, a principal, and the chief executive officer of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York. He has served as Director of Graduate Jewish Education at Yeshiva University and lecturer or visiting professor in universities and communal settings worldwide. A prolific researcher and author, he has written ten books and over 200 articles and monographs, and was the editor of the Journal of Jewish Education for thirty years.
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  • Is Jewish Unity an Elusive Goal: What Our Sources Say about This Idea
  • What Jewish Tradition Has To Say about the Concept of Jewish Community
  • Does Zionism Really Matter: The Message of the 100th Anniversary of Modern Zionism and Israel’s Jubilee to American Jewry
  • Mystique of Hebrew: The On Again, Off Again, Romance of the Jewish People with the Hebrew Language
  • Jewish Life-Long Learning
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