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Professor Isaiah M. Gafni Jerusalem, Israel
Professor of Jewish History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Professor Isaiah Gafni is Professor of Jewish History at The Hebrew University where he specializes in the history of the Jewish people in the Second Temple and Talmudic periods. (c. 500 BCE – 500 CE) His work deals with topics such as Jewish self-definition and the complex relationships between Jews of the Diaspora and the Land of Israel in that era. He has taught at the Hebrew University since 1967 and has served as a visiting professor at Harvard, Yale, Brown, Yeshiva University, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Oxford. He has published extensively, with over one hundred articles on Jewish history in the Encyclopedia Judaica alone. His most recent book is Land, Center and Diaspora: Jewish Constructs in Late Antiquity.
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  • Attitudes toward the Land of Israel in Jewish History and Rabbinic Literature
  • Center and Diaspora in Jewish History
  • Rabbinic Understanding and Uses of History and the Past
  • Teaching Ancient History in Contemporary Israel
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