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Professor Charles Liebman Petach Tikvah, Israel
Professor, Bar Ilan University; Visiting Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary, University of Chicago

Charles Liebman is visiting the United States from Bar Ilan University and is teaching at Jewish Theological Seminary and the University of Chicago during the 1999-2000 academic year. Professor Liebman has authored several books and articles in the field of Jewish sociology, many on topics related to the study of modern Orthodoxy in the United States and Israel, and the relationship between secular and religious Jews in Israel. His most recent book is Choosing Survival: Strategies for a Jewish Future, co-authored with Bernard Susser. He is the recipient of the 1998 Cultural Achievement Award from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture for his contribution to Jewish Social Thought.
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Heres a list of speeches from this speaker.

  • Comparing Modern Orthodoxy in Israel and the United States
  • Prospects for Jewish Survival in the United States
  • Israeli Political Culture
  • Conflict over the Jewish and Democratic Nature of Israel
  • Religion and Politics in Israel Seventy-five Years Later
  • Religious Zionism and Modern Orthodoxy: Are They Really Identical?
  • Religious and Secular: Conflict and Accomodation Between Jews in Israel
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