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Dr. Tamar Ross Jerusalem, Israel
Senior Lecturer Philosophy Department, Bar Ilan University

Dr. Tamar Ross is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Bar Ilan University and teacher of Machshevet Yisrael at Midreshet Lindenbaum. She has a PhD from Hebrew University and has published widely in scholarly journals in Israel and around the world.
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Heres a list of speeches from this speaker.

  • Theological Implications of Feminism on Orthodox Jewish Theology
  • Halachah and Spirituality: Rav Kook and Maimonides on the Relative Value of Sage vs. Prophet
  • Tolerance and Pluralism in the Thought of Rav Kook
  • May We Still Pray to God the Father: On the Problems of Male Imagery in Classical Religious Texts
  • Role of Doubt in Religious Belief
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