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Dr. Jeffrey Woolf Efrat, Israel
Lecturer, Department of Talmud, Bar Ilan University

Dr. Jeffrey Woolf is lecturer in the Department of Talmud and maggid shiur in the Jesselson Institute of Higher Torah Studies at Bar Ilan University. He has a PhD in Medieval Jewish History and the History of Halachah from Harvard University, and ordination from both Rav Gedalia Felder, the late Av Bet Din of Toronto, and RIETS, an affiliate of Yeshiva University. Dr. Woolf has many other academic distinctions to his credit, including a postdoctoral fellowship and lectureship in the Department of Religion at Yale University. An activist in the modern Orthodox community, he is a founder of the Orthodox Roundtable rabbinic think tank, a former coordinator of the Orthodox Caucus, and one of the initiators of the Israeli Kenes Lavi (Lavi Conference) on Modern Orthodoxy.
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Heres a list of speeches from this speaker.

  • Creative Solutions for Conversion and Jewish Unity
  • Beruriah Revived: Feminism and Judaism
  • Between Babylonia and Eretz Yisrael: Models for Israel-Diaspora Relations
  • Modern Orthodoxy in Israel: The Promise and the Challenge
  • Before the Shoah: Jewish Responses to Adversity
  • Escaping Schism: Historical Precedents
  • Messianic Movements in Crisis: HaBaD, Gush Emunim, Peace Now
  • From Yiddishkeit to Narishkeit: How Chumrah Became the Only Norm
  • Where Halachah Ends and Ideology Begins
  • At the Millennium: Jewish Perceptions of Time
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