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Dr. Efraim Zuroff Efrat, Israel
Director, Israel Office, Simon Wiesenthal Center

Dr. Efraim Zuroff is currently the director of the Israeli office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and coordinator of the Center’s Nazi war crimes research worldwide. A leading historian of the Holocaust period, he is the author of Occupation: Nazi Hunter and the forthcoming The Response of Orthodox Jewry in the United States to the Holocaust: The Activities of the Vaad ha’Hatzala Rescue Committee 1939-1945. He has written extensively on the Jewish response to war crimes and genocide and has personally visited Rwanda and former Yugoslavia in that context. Dr. Zuroff was one of the founders of Kenes Lavi (Lavi Conference) and currently serves on the board of K’ Lavi Yakum.
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  • Struggle for Israel’s Soul: Does Modern Orthodoxy Have a Chance?
  • Response of Orthodox Jewry in the United States to the Holocaust
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