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Rabbi Benjamin Hecht ,
Rabbi Benjamin Hecht,the Founding Director of NISHMA, is recognized throughout North America and Israel for his study, insights and perspectives in the fields of Torah law and ethics. He serves as the editor of the NISHMA Journal and NISHMA Introspection and writes prolifically on Jewish thought and its interaction with the world political scene and the human condition. Rabbi Hecht is active in Nishma's ongoing research and education projects and is about to complete a new book on Jewish identity. In addition to his rabbinical ordination, he holds degrees in law, psychology and business. He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1982. Rabbi Hecht provides audiences with provocative and enlightening messages in an entertaining and educational manner.
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  • Philosophy of Halacha
  • Halacha and Ethics
  • Jewish Identity and Jewish Unity
  • Women and Judaism
  • Love, Sexuality and Homosexuality
  • Tzedakah as a Resource Decision
  • Religion: Comfort or Challenge
  • The Self and Torah: The Statement of Centrist Orthodoxy
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