Creating a Successful Program with the Edah Speakers Referral Service

The key to constructing a successful program is effective planning. The following suggestions will help guide you through the process of shaping and implementing a program that will not only be "interesting" but will develop your audience's understanding of modern Orthodoxy. We urge you to take some time to follow these steps and thoughtfully answer the subsequent questions.

Set Goals and Objectives
  • What do you ultimately want to accomplish in your community with this (series of) program(s)?
Examples: Raise the level of text learning, Inform them about what is happening elsewhere so they won't feel isolated, Clarify the basis for modern Orthodox stances toward women, etc.
  • What is your timetable?
Examples: Within a year, By the time the new board members take their place on the board, By the time school starts, Within two to three years, Before the next membership drive, etc.
  • What population will you target with this particular program or series of programs?
Examples: Greater Jewish community, Synagogue group, College students, etc.

Design A Program Which Will Help You Reach Your Goals
  • What kind of programs, experiences, etc., will be most effective in accomplishing your goal?
Examples: A dinner with a speaker, A Shabbat scholar-in-residence, A Sunday conference, A mid-week special event, A small parlor meeting, A series of lectures over several weeks, A retreat, etc.
  • What type of speaker will be most effective in accomplishing your goal?
Examples: Motivational, Academic, Controversial, Entertaining, Challenging, Some of each, In what order, etc.
  • What locale would be most useful for setting the right ambience and assuring the attendance of your target audience?
Examples: A particular shul, A day school, Community center, Someone's home, Camp, etc.

Consider Factors Which Will Make Your Design Feasible Or Not
  • What will it cost, and how will you pay for it? (Consider honorariums, speaker travel and accommodations, facilities and equipment rental, advertising, food, etc.)

  • What time of year, or day, would be most conducive for the attendance of your particular target population? For the ability of this type of speaker to attend?

  • Are there any conflicting events in the community?

  • Who will support the project, who will oppose it, and what impact will that have?

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