Statement of Purpose
The Edah Journal is a forum for discussion of Orthodox Judaism's engagement with modernity. It is Edah's conviction that such discourse is vital to nurturing the spiritual and religious experiences of Modern Orthodox Jews. Committed to the norms of halakhah and Torah, The Edah Journal is dedicated to free inquiry and will be ever mindful that, "Truth is the seal of the Holy One, Blessed be He."
Editorial Board
Eugene Korn - Editor
Naftali Harcsztark - Associate Editor
Joel Linsider - Text Editor
Moshe Halbertal (Israel)
Richard Joel
Norma Baumel Joseph
Simcha Krauss
Barry Levy
Joel Linsider
Dov Linzer
Tamar Ross (Israel)
Directions for Submission
The Edah Journal invites submissions of original scholarly and popular essays, as well as new English translations of Hebrew works. Popular essays should be between 800-2000 words. The journal particularly welcomes halakhic, philosophic, and literary studies relating to qedushah in modern experience, the religious significance of the State of Israel, Jewish ethics, emerging Torah conceptions of and opportunities for women, Talmud Torah as an intellectual and spiritual discipline, pluralism, and Judaism's relation to gentiles and contemporary culture.

The Edah Journal will publish three online editions per year, with the possibility of an annual hard-copy edition. Opinions expressed in the articles are those of the authors only and do not represent the views of Edah or of the Editorial Board of The Edah Journal. Edah retains copyright to all material published in the journal.

Submissions to The Edah Journal should be sent online to, or mailed in duplicate to Editor, The Edah Journal, c/o Edah, PO Box 1574, New York, NY 10156. Submissions must include a one paragraph abstract and one line biography of the author. Paper submissions should be accompanied by a diskette with essay in rtf, txt or MSWORD format. Hebrew transliterations should conform to the rules (scientific) found in Encyclopedia Judaica. Notes must appear as footnotes. Communications and inquiries should be directed to the above email address.

Reader responses should be sent to the editor at for possible electronic publication at the journal's website.

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