Encourage local youth to study and travel in Israel! Plan an information session on summer, post-high school, and university learning opportunities in Israel. This site offers information on many programs, as well as advice on how to choose and pay for programs.

Show your community the wonders of Israel! Arrange a community-wide tour to Israel! This site offers information to help plan your trip to Israel including links to discount hotels, airlines, restaurant guides, maps, museums and more.

Advise local residents who are interested in Aliyah! Plan an informative session on making the move to Israel. These sites will help prepare you and your neighbors for life in Israel by offering facts on jobs, housing, Ulpan, the army, and more.

Bring a little part of Israel to your neighborhood! Prepare a program for community members who are not able to travel to Israel this year, and take them on a virtual tour of the Kotel! This site can make you feel at home anywhere in the world by offering live footage of the Kotel as well as information on its history and role in Judaism.

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