Jewish Poverty
Jewish tradition and law place a large emphasis on donating charity and performing good deeds. While one must help all of mankind, it is especially important to support those in need within the Jewish nation. Because all Jews are considered our "brothers" in the eyes of the Torah, it is the responsibility of the modern Orthodox community to ensure that Jews across the world receive care and sustenance.

Modern Orthodox communities must take an active role in developing programs to combat Jewish poverty. Each individual has the opportunity to impact those in need by donating not only money, but also time, energy, and experience as well. Community members must get involved in local charity groups and stay informed as to the growing needs of their neighbors. At the same time, expanding charity and chesed programs to include all members of our nation demonstrates that modern Orthodoxy takes seriously its responsibility to the greater community.
Jewish Value Perspectives on Poverty
Rabbi Saul J. Berman
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