Maximize the shaping of ethical character through the school

Numbers of studies of both American and Israeli Yeshivot have documented the lack of ethical growth of Yeshiva students beyond their age cohorts in non-Jewish educational environments. This constitutes a serious challenge for the entire Jewish educational endeavor.

  • Form a task force to examine the particular ways in which your school attempts to transmit Torah's ethical values. Does the school have a theory and approach as to how it will achieve the shaping of ethical character? Review the curriculum to determine the absence or existence of a coherent graded approach to the transmission of ethical values through the teaching of Torah texts.

Since students learn from what they observe, the task force should study the practice of ethics in the implementation of administrative policies in the relationship to students, parents, teachers and other employees of the school. In particular the task force should examine the actual experience of students as to justice, equality, fairness and other ethical values as they are practiced in the classroom and in extra curricular activities.

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