Increase literacy in your area so that all can partake in prayer! The National Jewish Outreach Program offers free programs to teach Jewish literacy. Topics include knowledge of Hebrew, prayer, and Shabbat. This site will help you locate classes that are being offered in your area or arrange a series of classes at your synagogue!

Add understanding to daily prayer! Arrange classes that teach background and meaning of prayers. Classes should address the needs of beginners and the more advanced. For beginners, the Orthodox Union offers an online information base called "Judaism 101," complete transliterated texts and explanations of common ritual and prayers.

To arrange more advanced classes, one can obtain resources from Aish Das Society. Their site is "is committed to the advancement of meaningful worship in the Orthodox Jewish community," and offers an online Siddur with punctuation and commentary.

Add meaning to Tehillim! Encourage your community to partake in world wide campaign to pray for the sick, and add meaning to the prayer by arranging your own program for visiting local hospitals.

Enhance your community's connection to Av Harachamim prayers by taking a synagogue trip to a local Holocaust museum. Additional programs can involve speakers, memorials, or personal investigations into family heritage.

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