Organize the community! Make a task force to suggest ways in which local organizations can work together to make the most of community resources. The United Jewish Communities, for example, supports projects across denominational lines to "create a compelling culture of shared meaning, shared responsibility, and shared values as Klal Yisrael, one people in all its diversity, with a shared commitment to its future."

One source for pluralist program ideas is to adapt those that have worked for other segments of the Jewish community. Hillel, which promotes Jewish life on campus, offers a program bank of successful pluralist initiatives from universities across the country. Tzav Pius, an Israeli web site, describes programs that have been put to action in Israel.

Unite present leadership! Encourage interaction among local congregations by initiating an interdenominational assembly in your area. This link connects you to the web site of the New York Board of Rabbis, an organization whose membership has "banded together for fellowship, religious camaraderie, educational enrichment, and who are anxious to rise above partisanship, theological differences and varied views about Torah."

Build relationships among laypeople! Invite members of local synagogues to an informal dinner to encourage interdenominational interaction. This site will help you locate synagogues in your area.

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