Women in Judaism
In today's society, women have emerged as leaders in all realms of life, including politics, business, medicine, and law. It is only fitting that the role which women play within the modern Orthodox community match their important positions within the secular world in terms of personal and intellectual fulfillment. By extending the influence which women have on our modern communities, we develop stronger role models for our daughters. At the same time, we enrich today's movement by adding new perspectives and insights into community growth.

It is important that the leaders of the Jewish community discover and promote halakhically appropriate opportunities for women to increase participation in Jewish ritual and prayer. The entire Jewish community must work together to open the doors to women by increasing their presence in community leadership, educational programs, and spiritual activities. We must ensure that our communities meet the spiritual needs of women so that we do not forego all that they have to add to the development of the Jewish people.
Women's Zimmun and Whether Men…
Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin
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