Synagogue and Spirituality
Every aspect of modern life can be viewed in relation to God's holiness. It is the responsibility of the modern Orthodox Jew to connect his daily thoughts and actions to God's spirituality so that even the most mundane of tasks gain added importance. This can be accomplished by uncovering the meaning behind religious prayer and ritual and finding their relevance through broader applications.

As a center of prayer, Torah study, and communal life, the synagogue has traditionally played a significant role in supporting the Jewish community's search for spiritual meaning. It is important for each individual to actively build a strong synagogue that serves as a focal point for the entire community. Attention must be paid to developing effective leadership and programming that responds to young members, growing families, and elderly congregants. By actively getting involved in one's synagogue, one can promote a vibrant community atmosphere that enriches the lives of all members of the congregation.
Spirituality and Holiness
Rabbi Saul J. Berman
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