Jewish Unity
As part of a larger Jewish nation, we must remember that today's Jewish community reaches far beyond the gates of our modern Orthodox synagogues and schools. While it is important to strengthen modern Orthodoxy through increased devotion and involvement, we cannot do so at the expense of a united Jewish nation. The modern Orthodox community faces the difficult task of acting on its responsibility to help and involve all Jews without compromising its commitment to Torah Judaism.

We must work to decrease tension between all types of Jews so that each Jewish individual finds a place among his people. By increasing dialogue and interaction among different denominations of Judaism, individuals can foster greater understanding within the Jewish nation. Each individual can reach out to Jewish co-workers, neighbors, and friends to keep our communities open to other members of the Jewish people. Additionally, by staying informed and involved in issues that affect the entire Jewish nation, modern Orthodox Jews maintain their connection to the greater community.
Building Community in White Plains
Rabbi Chaim Marder
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