Religious Zionism
For centuries, the Land of Israel has played a special role in the thoughts and prayers of the Jewish people. Over the past one hundred years, Israel has been transformed from the focus of a Jewish dream into a thriving, modern state. The modern Orthodox community must embrace and support the State of Israel so that it can maintain its significance as a religious and spiritual center for the entire Jewish world.

Because Israel plays such an important role in the lives of different nations around the world, it is important that its Jewish life remains strong and vibrant. While this can be accomplished through monetary support, increased visitation, and political advocacy, it is important that the modern Orthodox community strive to increase its actual presence in the land. Leaders of the modern Orthodox community must develop educational opportunities, youth programs, and immigration services for those who are able to spend time in Israel, whether it be a temporary visit or permanent settlement. We must work with local residents, both Jews and non-Jews, to maintain peaceful relations within the land. At the same time, the Jews of the Diaspora must ensure that Israel remains the focus of our studies, thoughts, and prayers so that future generations continue to view Israel as a religiously, historically, and culturally significant component of Judaism.
Covenant on Religion and State
Professor Alex Lubotzky
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