Jewish Day Schools
In order to guarantee the continuity of the Jewish people, it is imperative for the modern Orthodox community to devote added attention to its children. We must develop day schools and youth programs that strengthen the next generation's connection to Jewish tradition and heritage while encouraging their use of critical thinking skills in today's challenging world. Additionally, we must develop advanced education programs to ensure that community members maintain a commitment to Judaism throughout their lives.

Although much of the work lies in the hands of educators, every individual has a responsibility to encourage and support efforts to enhance Jewish education. By improving general studies, we expose our children to the rich culture and important lessons of modern society; by instilling in students an appreciation and understanding of Torah Judaism, we ensure that they approach that society from a Jewish perspective. While school staff and lay leaders strive to perfect curriculum and policy, parents and students must nurture a more serious attitude toward Jewish education. The entire modern Orthodox community must realize that developing an effective and enjoyable day school experience that students can appreciate into adulthood enables this generation to shape the future of Judaism.
Preserving Modern Orthodoxy in our Day Schools
Rabbi Jack Bieler
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